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Killer Instinct (2013) For Xbox One / KI Ultimates
« on: February 06, 2017, 07:26:00 PM »
Mixed bag here.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

News / Thunder rework
« on: December 22, 2016, 08:06:26 AM »
I actually have an issue with this, not because it doesn't look good, its the reason behind why they are doing it. Its a fantasy videogame where you want the characters to look as bad ass as  possible, they are not creating a historically correct video game for fucks sake.

News / Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition
« on: July 17, 2016, 08:48:39 AM »
Looks like they are ready to move onto something else. Unless they pull a Capcom.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

News / Tusk gameplay footage and information
« on: March 01, 2016, 11:35:53 AM »
Over here on Eventhubs.

His gameplay looks ok, his character could have been done better IMO.

News / Season 3 Gamplay changes
« on: January 30, 2016, 03:13:29 PM »

Lots of changes, has potential to bring me back to the game, will have to wait and see.

Season 3 Rebalance Patch Notes

Why Rebalance?
-We want to encourage player creativity in playstyles, setups, and combos.
-Playing any character in KI should be a way to express yourself. The things you find aren’t just flashy, they are practical for in-match use.
-We want to adjust the existing characters for balance against the Season 3 roster, while also giving players sticking with Season 1 or Season 2 characters new tools to explore.
-We want to further tune the concept of Risk vs Reward within our Combo and Breaker systems, and on each individual character.
-This is a significant balance shake up, so anything can happen!
-Character changes are generally listed in a nerfs first, buffs last order where logical. If your favorite character lost some stuff, stay calm until the end, as you’ve probably gained some, too.
–Which two characters were reworked!?
-It depends on your definition, but you’ll find out shortly.
-We consider Jago’s S2 Instinct a rework. Fulgore’s meter as well. It’s a fundamental shift in how you think about part of the character, but 85% of what you do will remain the same. Don’t panic!
–Subject to change — We are getting as close to final as we can, but details you see and read here could change before launch.
-Remember – the rebalance is a sum of all parts. System changes, character changes, etc.   Don’t think about a change you see and how it would act against a S2 character, as that will tell you the wrong story. Take it all in, try not to panic, you’ll be playing it very soon and we look forward to your feedback.

  • Some characters now have attacks that inflict a new “Stagger” reaction on the opponent. Opponents are vulnerable to throws during Stagger, just like after a Wall Splat, and cannot escape early in any way. You can still tech throws here so long as you are not locked out, just like a Wall Splat.
  • Some characters now have attacks that can cause a new “Flip Out” reaction against airborne opponents. Instead of putting them into a juggle state, they flip and land on their feet, allowing you a surprise mixup opportunity.
  • If you do not hit your opponent with anything breakable during your combo at any point, your Ender will not cash out and will be breakable.
  • Opener->Ender now remove lockouts, so that Opener->Ender is always breakable.
  • Ground Combo Breakers cause Flipout and are between -1 and +2 (Previously they caused soft knockdown and were between +30 and +60). This also makes it impossible in all cases to combo off of a Ground Combo Breaker.
  • Air Combo Breakers now cause Blowout. This makes it impossible in all cases to combo off of an Air Combo Breaker.
  • You can no longer cancel into Instinct from a Combo Breaker.
  • Hits that blow out a combo are now Breakable and Counter Breakable.
  • Sweeps are now breakable and counter breakable. Forced quick-rise will occur if your opponent uses a counter breaker, leaving them punishable as expected.
  • Corrected an issue preventing you from ever being Timing-Locked-Out while in the air.
  • Most juggle moves add much less KV than before, opening up new juggle paths to much of the cast.
  • The KV penalty has been removed from Ground Bounce for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Unified Shadow Counter startup time across the entire cast. They start up in 8 frames now, making everyone’s better except Aganos’, which got 1 frame worse.
  • Increased the window during which a Shadow Counter can catch an incoming attack by 7 frames, and also added 10 additional frames of recovery on whiff.
  • Grounded Heavy Normal attacks now ignore Armor.
  • Increased the cancel windows from Linkers into Auto Doubles across all characters to match Jago and S2 standard, so that if you are too early for a manual, you get an auto double instead of nothing.
  • Normalized the frame advantage and buffer check on all characters after auto doubles. Light Doubles leave you +2, Medium Doubles leave you +3, and Heavy Doubles leave you +5. A 5 frame buffer window is on all characters, rather than just some, so that your next move is easier to time.
  • Normalized pre-jump frames to 4 across the cast.
  • LK+MP is now available as an alternate input for Shadow Counter activation, Counter Breaker activation, and Medium Combo Breakers.
  • LK+HP is now available as an alternate input for Instinct Activation and Heavy Combo Breakers.
  • Throw breaking no longer causes 3 fully vulnerable frames on your opponent, and instead causes 3 projectile invulnerable frames.
  • Ender Damage tuning pass performed. You can expect better consistency in the relative damage output from different ender types. Generally, damage from worst to best goes:

Meter Ender < Splat Ender < Launcher Ender < Exchange or Hardknockdown Ender < Damage Ender
  • Unlisted Character Changes – Many, many bugs have been fixed that are unlisted, but these do not effect game balance. They only get rid of odd, unwanted behavior. If a bug fix effected balance, for the most part, it is on this list.

[-] Fixed a bug that allowed you to perform Shadow Tigers Fury the frame before landing after a blocked or hit Tigers Fury.
[-] Reduced Laser Sword Ender damage by ~10%
[-] Reduced Endokuken Ender damage by ~15%
[-] Double Roundhouse (F+HK) starts up 1 frame slower so that you can’t use this heavy move as a medium manual.
[-] Healing amount per hit during Instinct reduced by 25%.
  • Adjusted the crouching HK attack box so it better matches his foot. This makes it slightly easier to juggle with as well.
  • Throw canceled into a Shadow Move starts with less KV for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Normal attacks push the opponent back less in a juggle for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Medium and Heavy Laser Sword juggles launch higher and closer for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Light Laser Sword and Jumping LP now cause Flip Out.
  • Shadow Endokuken is larger and has a larger hitbox.
  • New ability: Endokuken Charge! Can now hold the button to delay an Endokuken’s release.

Jago can dash cancel in either direction while charging up.
When fully charged, you release a Big Endokuken.
Big Endokukens can destroy some smaller projectiles, and also deals increased hitstun, blockstun, and damage.
You can charge up in Instinct, and you will release two Big Endokukens at full charge.


[-] Feral Cancel has a 30 frame longer cooldown, and a new indicator when it is ready for use again.
[-] Leaping Slash startup slowed down. This move now hits on frame 20 instead of frame 14.
[-] Fixed a bug preventing Feral Cancel from carrying over breaker windows for a few frames from the previous move correctly.
[-] Running Uppercut has 12 additional frames of recovery, but is still -2 on block and allows Wulf to break out early for all of the same juggles with the same timing. Attack box size reduced.
[-] Eclipse damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Shadow Eclipse Damage Reduced by ~35% (because you can juggle after it)
[-] All Ender damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Sabrewulf no longer gets any damage bonus during instinct. He still deals chip damage with normals, however.
[-] The frame on which Wulf can cancel his dash into a special has moved from frame 14 to frame 16.
[-] Eclipse and Shadow Eclipse no longer auto correct to turn around and face the opponent after a forward dash.
[-] Crouching HP starts up 1 frame slower so that you cannot use this Heavy attack as a Medium manual.
[-] Sabrewulf’s Medium Leaping Slash Linker now hits two times. The Heavy Leaping Slash and Heavy Hamstring Linkers now hit three times.
[-] Eclipse and Shadow Eclipse inflict less blockstun, making them a bit easier to punish.
  • Standing HK causes Stagger.
  • The final hit of Ragged Edge and Shadow Ragged Edge now causes a ground bounce against airborne opponents for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Crouching LK causes Flip Out.
  • MK and HK versions of Run move faster.
  • Hamstring’s slide travels farther.
  • New command move: Diving Slash! During Jump Up or Jump Forward, F+MK.

  -Cannot be done from a jump back.
  -Has very few active frames, but tends to leave Sabrewulf roughly even with his opponent.
  -Has the landing recovery of a normal jump attack, making it useful for repositioning.


[-] Fixed a bug that allowed Shadow Cold Shoulder Linker to be canceled after the 4th hit, but before the 5th
[-] Reduced Shatter Ender damage by ~20%
[-] Reduced Hail Ender, Shoulder Ender, and Puddle Punch Ender damage by ~10%
[-] Reduced Shadow Puddle Punch damage by ~10%
[-] Reduced Shadow Shatter damage by ~20%
[-] The “tell” on Shatter (beam of light) appears 4 frames earlier.
[-] Shatter has 10 additional frames of recovery time, making it more in line with the command throw that it is.
[-] Shatter and Shadow Shatter are now actual projectiles, so they will whiff projectile invulnerable characters and cannot be countered by Hisako.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Shadow Hail from being used after ranged Shatter Linkers or ranged Auto Doubles.
  • Shatter is active for 2 frames longer, making it easier to tripguard with. Its total active time is now 4 frames.
  • Glacius can now dash! It is not good, but hey, you asked for it!
  • Liquidize can now cross under opponents in the corner.
  • [-] Hail damage and meter gain reduced by ~50%.
  • Hail can survive off-camera for longer, which prevents hail left off screen from being destroyed, and opens up new setups and approaches when leaving hail behind Glacius.
  • New ability: Multi-Hail! Tap or Hold a different punch button while summoning hail to summon another hail.

   -This adds another 25 frames to the move, making it quite risky if you aren’t careful.
   -You can hold and release your multi-hail in any order.
   -Greatly enhances zoning and setup potential.
  • New ability: Instinct Power Up! New abilities available during Instinct!

   -During instinct, when wearing Ice Armor, Glacius’ Shadow Counter window lasts until the end of the animation. This old bug is making a return as a feature!
   -The defensive buff you always wanted!
   -During instinct, Liquidize moves much farther and faster.
   -During instinct, press HP+HK to perform the Homing Puddle Punch.
   -During instinct, press F+HP+HK to perform the Cross Up Puddle Punch.


[-] Ender functions and damage retuned to be in line with the rest of the game.
   -Ankle Slicer Ender no longer causes a hard knockdown and deals much less damage, but still gives a full size battery bonus.
   -Triplax Ender deals less damage, but more than Ankle Slicer, and still causes a Wall Splat.
Sammamish Ender deals less damage, but more than Ankle Slicer and Triplax, and now causes a Hard Knock Down if you don’t juggle after.
Call of Earth Ender no longer causes a hard knockdown and deals a bit less damage, but is still the damage ender.
[-] Shadow Call of Earth damage decreased by ~15% (Deals 20% damage instead of 23%)
[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Thunder is no longer allowed to cancel the landing recovery of a whiffed Sammamish into another special or shadow move.
[-] Shadow Sammamish damage reduced by ~20%
[-] Light Sammamish no longer allows Sammamish Followups
  • Light Sammamish now has full body invulnerability on startup instead of just upper body.
  • Call of Sky has 10 frame shorter recovery, adds “Murder of Crows” buff to Thunder 1 frame earlier, and can destroy incoming projectiles from frames 14 to 20.
  • Thunder can now cancel a hit or blocked Skyfall into Murder of Crows enhanced dash.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the duration of the Call of Sky buff from refreshing if you used Call of Sky again while the buff was still on.
  • Juggle properties of some moves adjusted for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Standing Light Kick causes Flip Out, and the hitbox has been improved to assist with juggling.
  • New Sammamish followups: Dropkick and Surprise Knee! After Sammamish –

   -HK – Skyfall – The same two foot stomp you know and love, but it now causes a ground bounce for a juggle opportunity.
   -MK – Dropkick – Causes a Hard Knockdown.
   -LK – Surprise Knee – Causes Flipout.
   -These can carry your trajectory in interesting ways. Experiment!
   -Dropkick and Surprise Knee have 15 frame landing recovery. They are punishable on block so use them wisely.


[-] Jumping HK damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Can no longer use Webs during Enders.
[-] Shadow Recluse damage reduced ~20% (because you can juggle after it)
[-] Instinct Web damage reduced by ~85%
[-] Widow’s Bite projectile damage reduced by ~25%
[-] The kick part of Heavy Widow’s Bite is now breakable.
[-] Enders have been retuned in function and damage to add more variety to Sadira, but overall damage has been reduced.
   -New ender – QCB+P(Any) – Web Cling Ender (Damage Type, most damage)
   -QCF+HP – Demon Loop Ender (Launcher Type, least damage)
   -QCB+HK – Recluse Ender (Exchange / Hard Knockdown Type, middle damage – You can no longer juggle off this ender)
[+/-] Corrected an issue preventing Sadira from building meter for herself or her opponent when using the F+HK Command Normal.
  • Reduced pushback of juggle normals to increase juggle potential.
  • Can now jump cancel Special Moves during Instinct on block. Previously this was only allowed on hit.
  • New Command Move: Salticidae – In Air, D+HK

   -On hit or block, this head stomp bounces Sadira into a double jump that she can control the left/right momentum of.
   -You can attack again after bouncing.
   -You can bounce as many times as your opponent will let you.
   -If you miss, you suffer long landing recovery.


[-] You can no longer call Instinct Cats during Enders.
[-] You can now only cancel Shadow Uppercat into Air Throw if your opponent is in an air reaction state, preventing you from skipping the landing recovery of a whiffed or blocked Shadow Uppercat by whiffing an Air Throw attempt.
[-] Ender damage adjustments.
   -Ich Ni San Ender damage greatly reduced (by ~35%), now does less than her Splat ender.
   -Knee Buster Ender damage reduced by ~5%
   -Shadow Uppercat Ender damage reduced by ~10% (because you can juggle after it)
  • Flick Flack Ender now causes a hard knockdown if you don’t juggle off of it.
  • Shadow Knee Slide is now -2 on block (was -6).
  • Air throw deals less KV for enhanced juggle opportunities.
  • When hitting an airborne opponent, Crouching HP re-launches and can be jump cancelled for increased juggle opportunities.
  • New air target combos for increased juggle opportunities.

   -LK > J.HP
   -MP > J.HK
  • The final hit of Flick Flack and Shadow Flick Flack will now ground bounce an airborne opponent for increased juggle opportunities.
  • The final hit of Medium Ichi Ni San 3rd with now ground bounce an airborne opponent for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Some normal attack hitboxes improved to help when juggling opponents.
  • Standing Far HK knocks opponents vertically instead of away in a juggle.
  • Air Throw starts up 2 frames earlier and is active 2 frames longer. Attack box size increased making it easier to do in combos and more powerful in neutral.
  • Fully charged Shadow Ichi Ni San is now unblockable. Damage reduced ~20%
  • New Ability: Buster Slide! Orchid can now cancel the active frames of Knee Slide into a Knee Buster if the move has not hit yet.
  • New Ability: Ichi Nise! Orchid can now Dash Cancel forward while charging up Heavy Ichi Ni San 3rd.

[-] Reduced Boneshaker Ender damage by ~10%
[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Skull-less Searing Skull now causes a knockdown.
[-] Knockdown duration after Front and Back throws reduced by 16 frames, making vortex setups less straightforward.
[-] Lv4 Searing Skull Ender doesn’t launch as high, preventing any juggle from it.
[-] Skull projectiles in flight are removed from play if Spinal takes a hit.
[-] Skull projectiles deal less chip damage on block.
[-] Curses reworked! Curses no longer steal Shadow/Instinct meter. Instead, they prevent the opponent from gaining Shadow/Instinct meter.
   -Hitting Spinal removes only the oldest curse, so you need to hit him multiple times to removed stacked curses.
   -Curses last 30 seconds instead of 5 to 8 seconds.
  • Shadow Searing Skull doesn’t knockdown, so you can use it mid combo and manual afterward. This allows you to capitalize more on the Instinct Curse’s new function.
  • Jumping MK (Divekick) inflicts 3 additional frames of blockstun, making it safe if you can get it to hit just before Spinal touches the ground.
[+/-] New Instinct Mode: Agent of Chaos! Spinal’s Instinct mode has been reworked so that starving Spinal of his resources is a more viable strategy against him. However, this Instinct mode grants Spinal new ways to go absolutely wild.
   -Activation grants 3 skulls.
   -Skulls do not automatically regenerate at all, ever.
   -If you build skulls by any means other than Power Devour, you gain double skulls during instinct.
   -Skulls fired during instinct don’t disappear on block or walls or floor and bounce left/right or up/down. They are destroyed if:
      -They actually hit the opponent
      -They bounce off the opponent 3 times
      -Spinal gets hit
   -Firing a 5th Skull destroys the oldest one.
   -Spinal can Power Devour his own Skulls to re-absorb them into his supply.


[-] Fixed a bug that allowed you to perform Shadow Cyber Uppercut the frame before landing after a blocked or hit Cyber Uppercut.
[-] Added 2 frames of additional Hitstop and blockstop to F+HP command normal to make it a bit easier to Shadow Counter and Break.
[-] Standing HK special cancel window reduced.
  • Attack box on Blade Charge and Shadow Blade Charge reaches lower, making harder for opponents to low-profile this move.
  • Standing HK now causes a Wall Splat.
  • Air Shadow Laser now causes a Hard Knockdown so that it is never punishable on hit.
  • Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the Eye Beam ender launch higher.
  • Overhead causes a ground bounce against airborne opponents.
  • New Target Combo! Crouching HK -> Crouching HP. Launches opponents for a juggle.
[+/-] Move reconfigured: Eye-Beam Lens Fixed! Eye Beams have been overhauled;
   -Light Eye Beam still launches a single beam at the floor, but has 1 additional frame of recovery and pushes opponents back less.
   -Medium Eye Beam now launches two beams at the floor. It is +2 on block and +5 on hit. It has less pushback compared to the old Med Beam, but more than the Light version.
   -Both Lt and Med versions have increased juggle potential.
   -Heavy Eye Beam now launches a full screen horizontal beam on frame 24, and recovers in 51 total frames (used to be 13 and 26).
   -Heavy Eye Beam causes Stagger on hit. It is -7 on block. It deals increased damage and chip damage.

TJ Combo

[-] The Linker version of Tremor has been removed. You can still use the Special version in juggles normally, but after an Opener or Auto Double, it will now trigger the Ender version just like any other Ender-Only special does in golden path combos.
[-] Re-tuned Ender damage to be more in line with the rest of the cast.
   -Flying Knee Ender (Exchange) damage increased by ~10% and does the most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
   -Vortex Ender (Launcher) damage reduced by ~10% and does the 2nd most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
   -Powerline Ender (Splat) damage reduced by ~15% and does the 3rd most damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
   -Tremor Ender (Meter) damage reduced by ~20% and does the least amount of damage of the non-Barrage Enders.
[-] TJ’s Tumble is now only upper body invulnerable, but still fully projectile invulnerable. He is vulnerable to lows and mids all the way through the roll. It is still also throw vulnerable.
[-] Hitbox size reduced on Medium and Heavy Tremors.
[-] The first few frames of TJ Tremor will no longer crush low attacks.
[-] Shoot Toss starts up 4 frames slower.
[-] You can no longer cancel Shadow Powerline into Spin Behind on block, but it still works on hit.
  • Shoot Toss KV reduced by 50% for increased Juggle and Combo opportunities.
[+/-] Medium and Heavy Vortex hit 2 and 3 times respectively. All Vortex and Cyclone moves deal less KV for increased juggle opportunities. The amount of hits also helps the opponent know which strength to use for breaking Vortex and Cyclone. Medium and Heavy versions scoot forward a bit more than before on startup.
  • Shadow Vortex is now fully invulnerable until it becomes active.
  • Frame advantage on normals improved where possible to make him less negative if he doesn’t cancel, while still allowing a Shoot Toss to grab the opponent if they don’t jump.
  • Standing LK and Jumping LK cause Flipout.
  • New Air Target Combo: Jumping LP into LK, which causes Flipout.
  • Standing HP and Close Standing HP cause Stagger and leaves you plus enough to manual a Light or close Medium.
  • New Target Combos: TJ Combinations!

   -These work on Whiff to help with footsies, juggles, and mixups.
   -Far Standing MP > HP, causes Stagger
   -Far Standing MP > MK
   -Close Standing MP > HP, causes Stagger
   -Close Standing MP > MK
   -Crouching MP > HP, causes Stagger
   -Crouching MP > MK


[-] Jumping HP and HK damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Mantis is no longer available from a back jump. Neutral and forward jumps only.
[-] Dagger Toss Light and Medium recovery is 6 frames longer.
[-] Raised hitboxes of daggers slightly to make it easier for more characters to low profile to avoid them.
[-] Dagger toss no longer deals chip damage on block.
[-] Dagger Toss followups from Leap Kick are only available on hit or whiff. You cannot do these on block anymore.
[-] Leap Kick Ender does not launch as high, forcing you to juggle a normal before you juggle with a Dagger Toss.
[+/-] Maya’s Shadow Counter now uses Shadow Linker Leap Kick instead of Shadow Tumble Kick.
  • The 2nd hit from Daggers (Dagger Spirit) cannot cause a combo to blowout.
  • All Linker damage increased to normal damage-and-scaling levels so that Maya gains Ender levels normally.
  • The 2 hits of opener Tumble Kick advance the damage scaling by 1 hit instead of 2, helping Maya build Ender levels normally.
  • Tumble Kick Ender damage increased ~20%
  • Widened cancel window on 2nd hit of Crouching MP target combo and Crouching HP to make these feel better.
  • Tumble Kick and Shadow Tumble Kick cause a Ground Bounce on the final hit against airborne opponents for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Normal and Dagger juggle properties have been adjusted to extend juggle opportunities.
  • Normal and Axe Kick Recapture hitbox sizes improved to enhance juggle opportunities.
  • Adjusted launch velocity on Shadow Leap Kick to make the Dagger Toss followup work as intended.
  • Mantis can cash out combos if a breakable window occurred. It deals more damage than before in a combo.
  • [-] Double Dagger Strike launches opponents for a juggle.
    [-] Dagger/Pip Damage Ender is removed from the game and reworked into:
[+/-] New ender: Dagger Assault Activation Ender! – QCF+HP
   -This Ender does extremely low damage and leaves the opponent standing.
   -After the attack portion of the ender, the daggers leave Maya’s hands and hover above the opponent’s head, attacking them automatically every few seconds.
   -The number of times they attack is based on the number of pips you had when you activated. (0 pips = 1 attack, 4 pips = 5 attacks)
   -These attacks can be blocked and don’t build up new pips.
   -When Dagger Assault ends, the daggers violently separate.
   -If Maya gets hit, Dagger Assault ends right away.
   -Dagger Assault does not carry over between rounds.


[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Spike Ender (Launcher) damage reduced by ~5%
[-] Swarm Ender (Special) damage reduced by ~10%
[-] Shadow Clutch damage reduced by ~25%
[-] It is no longer possible to attack on the way down after using Air Swarm.
[-] Shadow Swarm now starts with a breath attack, just like the startup of normal Swarm. The projectile only spawns if you miss the breath part of the attack. Getting the projectile out takes much more time.
[-] Swarm and Shadow Swarm projectile damage reduced by ~55%
[-] Swarm hitbox size reduced by ~35%.
[-] Swarms hit 5 times instead of 6, slightly reducing the amount of time you have to setup/juggle.
[-] Swarm Breath blockstun re-tuned.
   -Light Version is -3 on block (was +7)
   -Medium Version is -2 on block (was +3)
   -Heavy Version is -1 on block (was -3)
[-] Back+MP is now +1 on block instead of +6.
[-] Added more blockstop to Close Swarm Startup and Back+MP to make using a Shadow Counter against them a bit easier.
[-] The startup of Clutch has a more noticeable anticipation pose.
[-] Sacrifice deals 200% more actual damage to Kan-Ra (15 damage, up from 5). Potential damage inflicted is unchanged.
[-] It is no longer possible to Instinct Cancel the recovery of Sacrifice.
  • Far crouching HP launches airborne opponents up higher.
  • DF+LK and DF+MK Scorpion Strike attacks now properly count as projectiles, making them unbreakable.
  • Crouching LP and Jumping LP cause Flipout.
  • Juggle versions of Clutch (that used to cause 1 juggle hit but were pretty useless) now cause Flipout and recover much faster.
  • Standing HK and Back+HP cause stagger and are extremely plus on hit, allowing for new opening, setup, and combo opportunities.
  • Tornado projectile always launches opponents toward Kan-Ra, and now does a little damage. It launches higher for a juggle opportunity.
  • New Ability: Monsoon! Hold the button when using Whirl over a Sand Trap to keep spinning and release a larger, more damaging Tornado projectile, which is unblockable at maximum charge.
  • Move re-tuned: Shadow Spike! Shadow Spike now releases a single, multi hit spike under your opponent instead of a series of Spikes. It then leaves an enhanced Shadow Sand Trap that attacks automatically with Scorpion Strikes every few seconds if an enemy is nearby.

   -This automatic functionality stops if Kan-Ra gets hit, creates another puddle, or uses Sacrifice.


[-] Jumping HK damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~40%
[-] Shoulder Charge Ender (Splat) damage reduced by ~10%
[-] Tail Flip Ender (Hard Knockdown) damage reduced by ~5%
[-] Corrected a bug causing a few of her Enders to build her small amounts of meter.
[-] Tail Flip and Air Tail Flip, both Light and Medium versions, slowed by 4 frames. Heavy versions slowed by 6 frames. Trajectories slightly adjusted for the new timings.
[-] Tail Flip damage no longer changes based on strength used, and all damage has been reduced to match the damage of the Light version.
[-] Tail Flip recovery has a taller Vulnerable box to make punishing it more intuitive.
[-] Added KV to Clever Girl to compensate for the fact that Ground Bounce KV penalty has been removed from the game.
[+/-] Close HP now counts as a projectile hitbox as expected.
[+/-] Predator LP now tags as an Opener so that combos after the Wall Splat function as expected.
[+/-] The ground version of Shadow Tail Flip will now get all five of its hits more reliably.
[+/-] Can no longer cancel out of Clever Girl on frame 15 into Specials or Normals. Can now cancel out of Clever Girl early at frame 12 into Normals or Runs.
  • Reduced KV on Run Back HK and improved its launch trajectory to expand juggle opportunities.
  • Run Back HP Flame Wall deals ~80% more damage.
  • The running portion of Shadow Shoulder Charge now has 1 hit of armor.
  • Jumping HK doesn’t bounce people away from you anymore, keeping them close enough for a followup attack.
  • Crouching HK on juggle doesn’t push opponent away as far.
  • Crouching HK is -5 on block instead of -15.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from using Primal Linkers after manual normals.
  • Primal Linkers deal ~40% more damage to encourage using them in all levels of play.
  • Predator Mode dashes are now projectile invulnerable on her top half as intended. It should be much easier to Predator dash under projectiles now.
  • Run HK causes stagger instead of a knockdown.
  • Predator Dash HP (Flame Arc) causes stagger.
  • Standing LK causes Flipout, and has a slightly taller hitbox to assist with juggling.
  • New Move: Flame Mortar! – Press and hold 3P to launch Flame Balls in a high arc at the opponent’s location, up to 3 in a series.

[-] Fixed a bug that prevented Omen from doing Auto Doubles, Linkers, or Manuals after the rapid press portion of Furious Flurry Med or Hvy hit the opponent.
[-] Shadow Furious Flurry Linker is now +1 on hit (was previously +11), and the manual timing is 5 frames later.
[-] Opener Slide has less frame advantage on Hit and has had its manual timing windows re-tuned.
[-] All Ender damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Air Backdash slowed down by ~15%
[-] Throw damage reduced by ~40%
[+/-] Fixed a bug preventing Slide linkers from changing sides with larger characters in the corner.
  • The following moves have been given Attack Box improvements:

   -Crouching Heavy Punch
   -Crouching Medium Punch
   -Jumping Heavy Kick
   -Standing Heavy Kick
   -Standing Medium Kick
   -Standing Light Kick
   -Standing Close Light Kick
   -Standing Heavy Punch
  • Rashakuken’s random fireballs deal 4 additional frames of hitstun. Blockstun is unchanged.
  • Jumping HK damage increased by ~65%
  • Shadow Rashakuken and Shadow Orda Shield are no longer destroyed if Omen takes a hit.
  • Doubled the duration of Shadow Meter Lockout.
  • Enders can now build meter even if a Shadow Rashakuken or Shadow Orda Shield is active.
  • Jumping LP, Standing LK, and Standing Close LK all cause Flipout.
  • Demonic Despair is now invulnerable from startup until the grab.
  • Omen can cancel air dashes into attacks much earlier.
  • New ability: Turbulence! Omen can cancel air dashes into the opposite air dash direction by pressing Back or Forward a single time.

[-] Normal attacks give more meter to the opponent on hit and block.
[-] During Instinct, a new Peacemaker respawns in 90 frames, up from 30 frames.
[-] Peacemaker attack damage reduced by ~20%
[-] Shadow Natural Disaster Linker damage reduced by ~30%
  • Shadow Pulverize Linker damage increased by ~20%
  • Damage on Natural Disaster and Pulverize Enders increased ~25%
  • Adjusted launch velocity on the held part of Shadow Natural Disaster and fixed an issue where the Counter Hit version didn’t match to make juggle timing more consistent.
  • Shadow Ruin startup now has 7 frames of strike invulnerability.
  • Close Standing MP has a slightly wider cancel window for feel.
  • Standing Far HP causes Stagger and is -5 on block (used to be -10).
  • Hitstop on LK, MP, and HP Auto Doubles have been reduced slightly to match the reaction speeds needed to break the matching-strength Doubles better.
  • It is no longer possible to shove Aganos’ body across the stage between rounds.
  • Chunk Up recovers 6 frames faster.
  • Wall Summon moves get the wall out 6 frames faster and recover 5 frames faster.
  • Aganos can rip a Peacemaker out of the wall behind him in 34 frames now (down from 53).
  • While holding a Peacemaker, the following non-peacemaker normals are now possible as command normals:

   -B+LP – Anti Air Flick, destroys your peacemaker
   -F+HP – Both close and far variants of Standing HP, lets you keep your peacemaker.
   -DF+HP – Crouching HP, lets you keep your peacemaker.
  • Aganos will keep his Peacemaker while being hit, but it will still crumble if he is knocked down, put into a juggle state, or blown out.
  • Thrown Peacemaker causes Stagger on hit.
  • New ability: Recycling! If Aganos tries to Chunk Up while holding a Peacemaker, he will shove the Peacemaker into his chest instead of pulling a fresh chunk from the floor, giving him a drastically shorter Chunk Up animation (Only 39 frames, compared to 69 frames on the original version).
  • New ability: More Recycling! Placing a wall with a Peacemaker in your hand turns the Peacemaker into a wall, instead of consuming a chunk.

[-] Added travel distance to Influence Linkers against Aganos only to ensure they never fail to hit him.
[-] Adjusted the size of the Vulnerable Boxes during fidgets to match the size of the Vulnerable Boxes during idle.
[-] Low Vengeance Counter is no longer able to catch Mid attacks.
[-] Added recovery to the landing of Air ORZ making it a bit worse on whiff. If you hit too high it’s possible to be punishable, but it is also possible to still be +3 or so.
[-] Slowed startup of Med and Hvy Air ORZ (by 4 and 8 frames) and altered the way they move in the air a bit to compensate.
  • Improved the hitbox of Hvy Air ORZ so it hits higher up and crosses up easier, making it worth the extra startup.
  • [-] Wrath meter no longer recharges while jumping.
  • Wrath regeneration speed is increased by 50%.
  • Close HP, Far HK, and Close HK all cause Stagger on counterhit and deal much more hitstun.
  • Standing LP and Jumping LP cause Flipout.
  • You can now jump cancel the 3rd Heavy ORZ if you hit an airborne opponent, and using 2nd Heavy ORZ to juggle into the 3rd hit is easier.
  • Descent is no longer effected by Kan-Ra’s Curse.
  • Descent crushes highs 1 frame sooner and gets underground 10 frames sooner.
  • Hisako used to be able to cancel out of Descent on frame 48 into attacks only. Now she can cancel into movement as well, and on frame 42 instead.
  • New Shadow Move: Air Shadow On Ryo Zan! Hisako can perform a Shadow version of Air ORZ! This version hits rapidly and always recaptures air opponents, and staggers grounded opponents.
  • New Ability: Descent Cancel! Hisako can now cancel into Descent in any situation she could Wrath cancel for a Vengeance counter. This costs half Wrath just like the Vengeance cancel does.

[-] Fixed a bug that caused Cinder to teleport a great distance when canceling a Fired Up Inferno into a Shadow Fission.
[-] 3rd Degree Chain Combos now count as 1 move toward the breakability rules no matter which move hits first or which moves whiff, so the “Domi Unbreakable” now becomes breakable on the 3rd loop of this as expected.
[-] The 2nd and 3rd Trailblazer followups (Afterburner) now always match the strength of the first Trailblazer in the sequence for breaker purposes.
[-] Raised KV on Pyrobombs to 14 (from 12)
[-] Added 3 frames of recovery to Fireflash. Fired Up Fireflash is now -6 if you block the pillar, and every character in the game can Shadow Counter the pillar for a full punish, or punish with any attack faster than 6 frames.
[-] The 3rd hit of Light Third Degree combo is +1 on block instead of +2. Canceling into Shadow Fission here is no longer a true blockstring.
[-] Fireflash Ender (Damage) no longer causes a hard knockdown.
[-] Pyrobomb Ender (Meter) damage reduced by ~10%
  • Trailblazer Ender (Splat) damage increased by ~5%
[+/-] Air Heavy Trailblazer becomes active 2 frames earlier, and cannot land to create the ground crash until 3 frames later. This avoids a situation where the crash could hit without the Trailblazer, leading to an unbreakable hit.
  • Ground Medium Trailblazer inflicts 2 additional frames of blockstun.
  • Lowered KV added by Cinder’s throw to 20 (from 50)
  • Cinder can now throw Air Pyrobombs even after doing Air Trailblazer, leading to new juggles and setups.
  • Move re-imagined: Angled Inferno! Different Inferno strengths now attack at different angles. Light is up-forward, Medium is horizontal, and Heavy is down-forward.

   -You can hold the button to keep any version burning for a while longer.
   -Their frame data was re-tuned for their new function.
   -The Heavy version hits low!
  • New ability: Throw Cancel Burnout! While Fired Up, you can cancel your throw into a Level 1 Burnout with QCB+P or QCB+K. This spends your Fired Up state.

[-] Fixed a bug that could cause her projectiles to inherit the properties of her attacks, such as knockdowns or cash outs.
[-] Slowed the attack speed of Explosive Arc Linkers so that the different strengths are more readable.
[-] Widened the breakable window on Explosive Arc Linkers by 5 frames.
[-] When Drones are called as an assist and get hit, they now take 2.5x damage, up from 2x.
[-] Shotgun Knees are now more negative on block.
   -Light Version is -3 (was -1)
   -Medium Version is -5 (was -4)
   -Heavy Version is -10 (was -8)
  • Shadow Dissonance launches and causes a hard knockdown. It is possible to juggle after this move now.
  • Crescendo causes stagger (grounded Med and Hvy versions still launch).
  • Standing LK and Jumping LP cause Flipout.
  • Heavy Kick and Bombs deal less KV for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Heavy Kick Bombs don’t push opponents as far away on hit for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Juggle values on normal attacks adjusted for increased juggle opportunities.
  • Improvements to the attack boxes on Standing HK, Close Standing HK, and Crouching HK.
  • New Target Strings: Operatic Destruction!

   -Standing LK into Standing HK (does not combo)
   -Standing MP into Standing HK (does not combo)
   -Standing HP into Standing HK
   -Standing Close MP into Standing HK
   -Standing Close HP into Standing HK
  • New ability: Charge Up Bombs! Can now hold far standing HK to charge up the attack and release additional grenades.

   -You can dash cancel in either direction while charging up.
   -If you perform a target string into Standing HK, you can still charge up and dash cancel as desired, opening up new frame traps and offensive techniques.

Shadow Jago

[-] Fixed a bug causing Shadow Shendokuken to hit one extra time when used in a ground combo.
[-] Added additional recovery time to end of Slide Enders, preventing some unintended juggles and other bugs.
[-] The earliest moment Shago can cancel out of his Dashes into moves has been moved back 5 frames.
[-] Shendokuken projectiles deal 20% less damage on hit.
[-] Shadow Slide is no longer throw invulnerable
  • Shadow Divekick is now throw invulnerable on startup.
[+/-] Shadow Divekick changed to a single hit that always recaptures, followed by four grounded hits.

General Discussion / Star Wars EP VII final trailer
« on: October 20, 2015, 09:20:51 AM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

For those who missed it last night. I'm excited for it. Lots of speculation out there.

News / Cant wait for this
« on: June 20, 2015, 08:12:09 AM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

 Atic Atac
 Lunar Jetman
 Sabre Wulf
 Knight Lore
 R.C. Pro-Am
 Battletoads (NES)
 Cobra Triangle
 Snake Rattle N Roll
 Digger T. Rock
 Solar Jetman
 R.C. Pro-Am II
 Battletoads Arcade
 Killer Instinct Gold
 Blast Corps
 Jet Force Gemini
 Perfect Dark
 Conker’s Bad Fur Day
 Grabbed by the Ghoulies
 Perfect Dark Zero
 Kameo: Elements of Power
 Viva Piñata
 Jetpac Refuelled
 Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
 Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

I own 75% of these anyway but it will be nice to not have to blow the dust off an old console to play them.

News / Official textual stream 5-1
« on: May 01, 2015, 05:59:16 PM »
Hey everyone,

Since we’ve pushed the huge Shadows mode to the ARIA release in May, we wanted to give you more info to about the mode to tide you over until we release a video with even more detail.

As you know, at the PAX East panel  we revealed that Shadows are characters that are the very best version of you. Their goal is to make it feel like you’re able to challenge your friends anytime, anywhere.  Fully asynchronous gameplay – something perfect for those of you that like playing fighting games at super-weird hours like I am.  We’re not going to get into the nitty-gritty details of how you record data to create your Shadow – that will be captured it in a video coming out in a few weeks. For now, I’m going to tell you more about some of the cool stuff you can do in Shadows mode.

After you select a character to make a Shadow from (Season 1 characters, TJ Combo, and Maya will be Shadow-enabled at launch), you’ll be able to access a slew of modes where you try to rack up as many Shadow Points as possible:

Shadow Survival – This is a fresh twist on the classic Survival Mode, except in this one you fight through Shadows instead of computer AI! One of the coolest things about this mode is that you’ll be able to quickly experience so many unique fighting styles from the community and create rivalries with people you’ve never known. Rivalries, you say? Yes! Whenever you beat a Shadow in this mode – two things happen:
·         You earn Shadow Points
·         The person who owns the Shadow you beat is issued an automatically generated ‘Bounty’ letting them know who beat their Shadow, match details, and most importantly gives them the options to earn Shadow Points for AVENGING their loss!

Shadow Challenge – Directly challenging someone’s Shadow is where stakes are the highest! Every Shadow costs points to challenge, depending on how successful it’s been fending off challengers. If you win the match against the Shadow you challenge, you win your points back, plus the cost to play. The bigger the fish, the bigger the payoff! If you lose, you’ve spent those points and need to earn more!  You can also Spar again your friends’ Shadows for FREE.

Shadow Rewards – For every player that your Shadow defeats while you’re away, you’ll earn Shadow points and XP! That means the more time you put into the system, the more rewards you’ll earn when you’re away from it. Just think of the loot you’ll be hauling in with just a few of these at your disposal! Just make sure you keep checking back to see what your Shadows are up to.

Shadow Leaderboards – This is a brand-spanking new set of Leaderboards just for this mode. Sort the best Shadows by character type and find the top Shadow Survival scores to see who’s best at kicking Shadows around. That sort of thing.

Shadow Data – This is where you can dive deeper into your Shadow’s Brain and learn about how the system has analyzed you and replicated how you play. It’s pretty eye opening! You can also see how many recordings you have, and even Spar against your Shadow. And I can’t stress enough how weird and cool it is to fight against yourself!

So that’s the Shadow Update. Much more to come!

Next up is a new mode to help you get better at getting better at the core of Killer Instinct: Combo Breaking! I’ve asked Adam Heart, our Lead Combat Designer to describe what we’re cooking up.

Combo Breaker Training:

There is no doubt that one of the most important skills in Killer Instinct is breaking combos.  Not only is this skill important, but there isn't anything like it any other fighting game!  If you are a new player, learning all of this can seem daunting, so we are here to help.

The entire breaker system is tuned around the ideas of risk vs reward.  Performing actions that can realistically be reacted to by your opponents either get you more damage (heavier doubles) or access to better manual options (heavier linkers).  Take a risk with a slower double that is easy to break on reaction?  Get more potential damage and raise the ender level!  Take a risk with a heavy linker that is easy to break on reaction?  Because the manuals available after a Linker are the Linker strength and lower, you’ll get access to an unreactable manual of any strength, forcing your opponent to guess or let you continue the combo.

So what can I react to visually?  Medium and Heavy Auto Doubles, Heavy Linkers, and some Heavy Manuals.  There are audio cues and subtle visual cues on some light and medium linkers that you can react to, but in general you should not be expected to actually react to Light Auto Doubles, Light or Medium Linkers, or any Manual.  You’ll have to use pattern recognition and prediction with your opponent if they avoid any of the easy breakable points or refuse to check you with a Counter Breaker!

Even after taking the time to fully understand the breaker system, you'll find that guessing is very risky and can cost you a ton of health. So how do I train to break combos on reaction? When playing alone, the only way to practice breaking is to use the Record/Replay functions in practice mode.  The problem here is that you are simply breaking a looping recording of something you just did.  You don’t need to react, because you know what is coming. That’s where our brand new Combo Breaker Training room comes in.
In the Combo Breaker Training room, you’ll be able to practice breaking against a CPU controlled character of your choice.   The CPU will open a combo and go to town, leaving you with the task of learning the animations and sounds of each Auto Double and Linker until you are ready to go online and crush your opponents!

Combo Breaker Training is also loaded with customization options.  Do you want to simulate a player who only uses Light Doubles but any strength Linkers?   You can set that up!  Want the CPU to use only manuals and no Auto Doubles at all?  Set it up!

For players who want to use this mode to get acquainted with which strength double/linker is which, the Combo Breaker Training Room also has a “training wheels” style option.  We’ll show you what strength a move is as it happens, and even show you the breaker window for that move by making the strength icon translucent or solid.  As you get better at recognizing the animations and know the windows, you can remove the “training wheels” and really test yourself. So watch out!  More Killer players are will be coming for you after Combo Breaker Training Room launches this May.

Shadows, Combo Breaking Training, ARIA! This is easily be our biggest update yet. We're hitting the homestretch of Season 2 and we're going to close it out with a bang.

Kraig & Adam

Now for the shortest Q&A possible:

Q: @idistort: Will there be any way in the near future to switch the default pictures with the retro pictures in character select?

Nothing like that planned, but good idea!

Q: From just about everyone on Twitter: Will you give us Shadow Jago Community Fund update?
Yes! We're looking at two possibilities: Periodic updates on the front page of, and potentially Message of the Day in-game. Look for something next week.

Killer Instinct (2013) For Xbox One / Cinder Impressions
« on: April 30, 2015, 10:39:21 PM »
Well, he is out, what are your thoughts on him?

News / Cinder's Trailer w/Aria tease
« on: April 27, 2015, 05:39:48 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


Worth about half the price he is asking.

General Discussion / happy Easter!
« on: April 05, 2015, 04:31:39 PM »
Hope all you crazy guys and gals are having a great day.

Killer Instinct (2013) For Xbox One / KI Textual Stream 4/3
« on: April 03, 2015, 06:28:29 PM »
Hello everyone!

 First textual stream of April, and that means it’s character reveal week!  And of course, we all know who that means…

CINDER (aka Ben Ferris)

 In order to set things up, here’s a snippet of his new backstory:

 After a decorated and successful military career, Ben left the Army at age 31 to enter the lucrative world of paramilitary contracting. After all, a guy with his flawless mission completion record and skillset should be making a lot more money. Ben found himself in-demand, with each successful mission leading him to the next difficult but impressive payday. Instead of engaging in off-the-books operations for his country, Ben was doing it for crooked corporations and CEOs. This eventually landed him on Interpol’s most wanted list, but thanks to what he’d learned working closely with them in the past, avoiding them was almost too simple. Ben had his ideal job, incredible pay, and was sought after by the most powerful people on the planet.

 Then he got the call that would change his life forever.

 Ben received a contract offer for an almost ridiculous sum.  The mission; infiltrate Ultratech to steal data related to “Project Cinder”.  None of Ben’s contacts or colleagues had ever heard of anyone ever putting out a contract that targeted Ultratech.  In fact, information on Ultratech was so scarce that it seemed like every other agency and corporation on the planet was pretending it didn’t exist.  The danger, the difficulty, and the mystery only made the contract more appealing to Ben.

 Ben signed and began researching  “Project Cinder”.  The more he learned, the less he felt like he knew.  Ben had to go deeper.  Many months passed as Ben worked Ultratech from the inside; making friends with higher level employees, bugging their gear or offices, and watching and listening for something… anything… that might point him in the right direction.  The only piece of information he had after nearly a year on contract only increased his desire to complete the mission. All signs pointed toward Extraterrestrial origins for Project Cinder.

 There’s a lot to talk about with our lone holdout from KI1 finally making his re-appearance.  Typically we show you the finished concept sketch first, but I thought I’d couch cinder in more “behind the scenes” that went into making him and his new look. This is also because he’s changed a bunch since that “final” concept sketch you saw in silhouette in the season teaser. Throughout all of what we’re showing you, it’s important to remember one thing:


 Here’s a few rough concepts we did in-house at Microsoft over a year ago on Cinder.

 Notice that we were experimenting with a “back facing” stance, different alien-hybrid type treatments (organic to machine), and a pose that is reminiscent of a gunslinger. This was to convey some of the attitude we wanted to hit, plus his "fired up" mechanic, which we’ll talk about next week.  The lanky nature of the new Cinder was a product of the splicing of a human (Ben Ferris) with Glacius’ DNA, which is part of Cinder’s new backstory.

 Here’s the original concept based on the original human/alien hybrid concept. As you have already seen, this is not what Cinder looks like now.

 OMG! Crazy! Four eyes? Yep… for a bit at least. We wanted to see how far we could push things before we reigned them back in.  This is part of the design process we do – you have to go way out there in order to get some perspective on what’s necessary and important for a character. We went WAY out with him.

 Notice the hex patterning on the armor – that’s Ultratech’s signature on tech – which we’re carrying through to everything that UT creates.

 So from here, we went a lot of different directions with him. There were discussions around him being so alien looking already, why didn’t we really make him an alien so that the rivalry between him and Glacius was “real”?  We explored it, but as we discussed it further and worked with the backstory and lore, we felt going completely alien with him was betraying the original concept in favor of convenient setup for the sake of a rivalry with Glacius. So, we tossed that out and embraced Ben Ferris as Cinder for the sake of continuity to the IP.

 In the original game, Ben was in prison and UT gave him a chance at early parole if he volunteered for these experiments. The problem we had with this is that Ben being a petty crook wasn’t sitting well with us, yet we didn’t want him to be some mastermind criminal, nor someone on death row.  We also didn’t want him to be a caught criminal, as that implied he wasn’t as good as he thought he was… and we wanted him to be really, really good.

 This is where we pivoted Ben into a former spec-ops soldier turned master thief for hire.  Best in the world at stealing things… could handle himself in a fight… never caught… until he went up against ARIA and Ultratech.  ARIA gave him a choice, join her and help further her agenda, or die. Joining up, as I’m sure you can tell, wasn’t as simple as just saying “yes”.

Cinder’s evolution

 Since the concept above and even since the trailer tease you saw last week, lots of changes have happened with Cinder.  Obviously, we ditched the two sets of eyes early on, but here’s some other changes we considered…


 Cinder’s mask is actually tech, but its purpose is to protect his face and shield people around him from being horribly burned and irradiated by the energies he contains. You can see above we had a version with the mouth omitted when he’s armored up, but we lost some of the personality and some sense of his human side which was important because…

What about when it’s not covered? Well, you can see the work in progress on that right now, also showing you how his facemask dissolves away in hexes when he turns it off.

 So yeah… if you think that having your DNA modified spliced with that of an alien would be really cool… you may want to rethink that.


 We’ve done modifications even over the trailer. First has been in his “bulk”. Cinder wasn’t a thin guy in KI1, and as we animated some of his early moves, his lean appearance wasn’t working to sell the power of his hits.  So, we’ve also bulked him up some since you first saw him.

 Here’s a still of Cinder with vfx turned off to show his combat stance. Note his waist has also changed completely; now much more human, new leg plates are added, and the codpiece from the concept is gone. And what stage could that be?!

 So about now, you’re either onboard with his new look, or you completely hate us for ruining the purity of the original “dude on fire” that he was in KI arcade.

 Now before those of you that are in the latter group start composing in your head, on your keys, or with your webcam the vitriolic posts, tweets, or videos in response to completely seeing his new look, let’s show you the (work in progress) on his retro:


 So for those of you that wanted the true “dude on fire” from KI Arcade, there you go. We have built, within all possible reason to KI’s new style, retro Cinder AS retro Cinder.

 Hopefully that makes everyone happy about Cinder’s look no matter where your tastes lie.

 What about his moveset and features?  We’ll talk more about those next week.  Here is a hint – It’s over in a snap.

 As I mentioned earlier, we’re very still much WIP on Cinder, but you should now have a much better sense of him overall.


 Ranked Leagues: First of all, thank you to all the players that have made the first month beta of Ranked Leagues a huge success! As we kick off our 2nd month of beta, here are a couple of changes we have made based on your feedback:
 We have adjusted the score system to make the climb from Bronze to Killer more challenging (requires better win/loss ratio).
 In Killer vs Killer matches, we have added a ‘catch-up’ mechanic to the scoring system, which will give you more points when defeating a player higher up in the Killer ladder than you.  After winning a match, just watch your points go up to see if you crushed someone higher than you. The base is still +50, but if it was someone really ahead of you, you could earn up to 1,000 points! Top guys, you are officially on notice, everyone is now gunning for you- hunting the top Killers just got very profitable!
 We also want to acknowledge the many requests for an option to Rank Down.  We hear you loud and clear, this is something that we are looking into for the future along with other changes to help make your experiences within the different Tiers better.

 First Top 32 Killer Results: The March Top 32 Killers have been locked in and 32 amazing players have received the first Pro Medal icons!  Congratulations to The Maciaga5 for becoming the first 1st place Top 32 Killer in KI history! We also want to celebrate all incredible players that battled so hard this month to make it into our Top 32 Killers and not only received Pro Medal icons, but also were awarded qualifying points for next year’s KI Cup thanks to Brandon over at Ultra Arcade!

 More info on that can be found here:

Im liking how cinder looks in this far more then the trailer. Problem is if they don't get the flames right it will screw up the whole look IMO.

News / Hisako Trailer with Cinder tease
« on: March 26, 2015, 02:18:25 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Good trailer, really gave a good vibe and feel to her from this one. Not so sure about Cinder, will have to watch that part a few times from home slower then I can here at work.

Killer Instinct (2013) For Xbox One / Patch Notes
« on: March 20, 2015, 03:12:26 PM »
Over on Eventhubs, as we have been talking about in a few other threads, IG and MS have have a pass at making the S2 characters feel more like they should like S1. Some other good changes in here as well, Im loving the TJ changes personally.

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