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Sorry I didn't post back earlier. I can confirm now that you can fight Shadow Jago on "Hard" difficulty or higher (of course meeting all the other original requirements, as well). Apparently it was changed from "Medium" to "Hard" when Cinder was released.

Hmmm... I'll definitely try again when I get home from work. Could've sworn I beat it on medium the first time, though. I remember when it skipped Fulgore the difficulty went up to "Kyle" when I faced Shago. Thanks for the response. I'll confirm whether or not it'll work when I get off work tonight.

So back when I was a fresh n00b I met all the requirements to fight the boss version of Shadow Jago with Sabrewulf. After around 30 losses I finally beat him due to the time running out (lol). I got the special cutscene and the Shadow Tiger Lair.

Well I'm a lot better than I was then now and I wanted to face him again and beat him for real (and show my friends how hard he is). I've gone through story mode many times now and for the life of me can't seem to get to him.

I've done every possible requirement that I'm aware of: got all three endings for a character, playing on medium difficulty, Ultra Combo one person and my rival, don't lose a match, get a score 100,000+, 2 supreme victories... Nothing seems to work for me. I even tried it with Jago (who I haven't beaten Shadow Jago with) and the same result. I also played through getting perfects, ultras, and supreme victories on everyone before Fulgore and it still won't work for me.

Am I missing something? Can he only be beaten once? Also something else I noticed was that the "N00b" difficulty is no longer available to me. When I scroll backwards through the difficulty settings, it goes from "Easy" to "Kyle". Any information at all will help. Thanks in advance.

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