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Killer Instinct (1994) / Re: KIxxx 1.2 Emulator Public Release
« on: September 30, 2015, 09:02:09 AM »
That would be awesome on PC! Huge fan of KIxxx - nice work.  I build a lot of arcade machines and I've actually switched over to PC for those builds where in my early days I was using an Xbox, mostly because of how nice KIxxx is.  Playing KI in MAME is ok - there's a little slowdown on those large 3D level rotations and sometimes a pause during finishing moves but it's easy to ignore.  One thing I LOVE about playing it in MAME is enabling HLSL for nice CRT emulation.  With KI 3 coming to PC in the future it will be super nice to have all 3 games in one arcade cab.

This is really cool, how do you plan to print it ?

Local printshop handles my stuff.  The sideart will be a plain full color vinyl and the control panel will be laminated vinyl.  Actually, no. Hmm... I think I'll do the control panel like the original KI machines with plexiglass over the control board - so I'll print the control panel on plain vinyl as well.  The marquee is a backlit material that gets adhered to the marquee plexi.

The font you used for the buttons looks unfitting to me.
I mean it look strange.

Fixed the font and button labels:

Super happy with the way this is coming out!

I like that last one except Im not a fan of the red stands out too much, I would do a blue into a grey fade or some shit, I think it would match the sides better IMO.

Agreed. My son astutely noticed that the menus in KI 3 are more purple than my design and a little more fluid in terms of blended textures.  At least now I feel like I'm on the right track! I'm going to play around with this hexagonal design and refine it to resemble the Ultratech feel and menus in the Xbox KI.  Thanks man!

I just worked this up.  It's much closer to what I initially envisioned.

damn man, thats amazing. Good find on the MK cab.

Thanks man!  The MK cab is pretty knackered up unfortunately.  I'd keep it if it didn't need so much restoration work... or if I had the space to store it until I could work on it.

Would these photos help, as a blueprint or canvas of sorts?
Those are Viewlix style, which I'm trying to avoid.  But I like the fire background idea - based on Season 1, right?

Here's a couple other control panel drafts.  With Sabrewulf on the sides I really like the sketch drawing of his transformation but I seem to be alone in liking that one.  It would probably be best to have some kind of 'Ultratech' look to the control panel.

I scored a MK cabinet over the weekend so now I have a perfect template to make my KI cabinet!

In the meantime I worked up most of the graphics. Here's a marquee that I'm satisfied with so far

Control panel needs some love though.  Not super thrilled about this but it will work if I can't find something better

I thought it would be super fun to get some "official" flyers printed out for the cabinet in a similar style to the original promo materials.

Rear flyer:

General Discussion / Re: Mortal Kombat X Stream
« on: March 21, 2015, 01:21:30 PM »
They've always had a block button in MK ;)

Dangit this does look good.  And just when I'm about to start my Killer Instinct 3 arcade build - now I'm second guessing it and thinking about doing MK X.... Hmm... Maybe I'll do both. 

I love KI but fighting against Aganos is never fun and really made me change my opinions about the game. 

That's incredible helpful, thanks for that!  I'm betting the design didn't change much when the did away with the angled kickplate in favor of a straight one.  It seems like there are small variances here and there but you're right, there are mouldings in the way and might've been taken at different spots.

Great! Looks like I can get moving on this build then using your numbers.  Thanks!

I can do that, just tell me what dimensions and as long as its not too cold in the basement tonight ill grab them for you :D

Awesome thank you! If you can get them tonight that would be fantastic! I planned on starting my cuts this week but if you need to wait for some warmer temps I can wait ;)

Mostly I'm looking for the numbers in the red circles.  Many of the angles are noted here as well but with just the basic lengths I can extrapolate the angle cuts and elevations:

Some of those numbers might actually be right but again, they're based on that MK 1 cab that's slightly different.  Thank you so much for your help on this!

In case those images aren't large enough here are direct links to the full sized pics:

Hoping one of you KI or Midway cabinet owners can help me out here.  I'm build a KI 3 cabinet and I want to match the size and shape of the first two arcade games.  If you have an original cab and wouldn't mind taking a handful of dimensions for me let me know!

Thank you!

News / Re: Aganos' Trailer with "Ghost Girl" teaser
« on: February 23, 2015, 12:44:38 PM »
Things were looking pretty good there for a minute: TJ Combo, Maya, and the return of Ultra Tech's Riptor were awesome.  Now with Aganos in place I'm feeling extremely disconnected from the direction of the new character design.  I agree - not buying the full version until everything is done.

News / Re: Killer Instinct Complete Collection is on sale for $47.99!
« on: February 20, 2015, 05:23:35 PM »
Nice!  It's a shame I already paid $20 for the starter pack disc.  It would be nice if there was a way to just buy the rest of the stuff that wasn't included.

Fan Art, Memorabilia & Cabinets / Re: My ki cabinet
« on: February 19, 2015, 02:45:12 PM »
what chd and rom version will you be using?

Yeah use the broken one for silly infinite combos ;)

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