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Hello again, made new ones, I hope you like it:

Orchid (Updated):

Shadow Jago:

TJ Combo:



Killer Instinct (2013) For Xbox One / KI Recolor 0.0.6 (Orchid added!)
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:45:49 AM »

Hello everybody!
Since a lot of people were having compatibility problems with KI Recolor, I decided to completely rewrite it in Adobe Flash, so now it's more portable and you can test it as long as you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your PC.

To start creating some alternate colors, click on the link below (NEW DOMAIN!):

Available characters:
- Jago
- Sabrewulf
- Glacius
- Thunder
- Sadira
- Orchid
- Spinal (Coming soon...)

Available characters (VS Screen):
- Orchid

Main menu:


Share system:

Editable URL:

Full Image:

Editable URL + Thumbnail:

Editable URL (coming soon) + Full Image:

Avatar (200x200):

VS Screen:

Post here your creations :)

Sorry for the late reply CXK, been busy these days  :)



I made one watermark, feel free to use it:

My contribution:



I will create a better one for Orchid when her gameplay comes out.

News / Re: is 7 years old!
« on: July 31, 2013, 10:47:31 PM »
Congratulations CXK!
I am pretty sure that this community was one of the reasons for the developers to move on and make a sequel.

We all deserved a new KI.

Hey, what's up Psyke! Nice to see you here. I still like your idea for Nox. Especially after you explain that Nox is made of darkness/void.
I added some textures to his body, here are the updated versions:



Thanks!  I'll add them in a bit.  Can you link me to sabrewulf's stage pic?
I took from this video:

Its nice to see another Emi on the site! I dont know why he never came back to the new site -_-. those are awesome psyke!
Thanks! :)


New Sabrewulf icon:

Now with his own stage at the back!

New Glacius icon:

Now with his new look and stage!

KI - Spinal
He is very flexible, but I think it's too hard to use the teleports and shadows with perfection.

KI2 - Tusk
Honestly, I don't like this character, I think he is too melee and hard get closer to the opponent.

I posted this on DH forums:

Name: Nox
Weight: ??
Age: ??
Information: Nox (from the Latin “Night” or “Darkness”) is a intelligent experiment created by Ultratech aiming to eliminate Glacius and Cinder. Half of his body is composed by a liquid, resistant to fire (which is controlled by a magical chain), and his main weapon is a sledgehammer.

Image (URL):

What you think?

Hello everybody!

I'm creating this topic for us to have some brainstorms regarding character moves and attacks.

I will start with 3 ideas that I had today, starting with Jago:

1 - Touch of Death (DURING COMBO)
Description: releases the power of the nature to deal a massive amount of damage based on the length of the combo (good for finishing the opponent).
Costs: 30% Max Health.
Strategy: since the Touch of Death uses your own health, after this move, you can release the Tiger Stance for recovering part of the lost health.
Image (URL):

2 - Bear Stance
Description: releases a shiny spiritual ball that decreases the enemy's energy bar if he blocks, or damages the enemy if he takes the hit, based on how much energy bar you used for this move.
Costs: All your Energy Bar (Don't need to be full filled like in Tiger Stance).
Strategy: this can be useful if both are low on health, so you can try to finish the enemy at a long distance.
Image (URL):

1 - Magical Bite
Description: Sabrewulf focuses his magical strength of his arms into his bite, damaging the opponent based on the opponent's energy bar.
Costs: 60% Energy Bar.
Strategy: can be used if the opponent's Energy Bar is almost full (like Jago before using Tiger Stance).
Image (URL):

Any ideas or feedback?

Killer Instinct (2013) For Xbox One / [FanArt] Cinder
« on: June 28, 2013, 04:47:46 PM »
Hello everybody!

Well, EVO is coming, and I hope the next character to be revealed is Cinder. So I made a photoshop version from scratch, I hope you guys like it:

I don't know how Cinder will look in the new KI, but I hope that it will be something like in the first KI.

And you can check out the Sabrewulf that I edited from the original one, right here:


I like the KI2 version, more detail. ^^
I thought Saberwulf's design was pretty good until i seen these it's still looks good just these look more like the old Saberwulf nice work hopefully we get a classic skin close to that
Thanks! :)
And yeah, we need to get a classic skin of each character, that would be pretty awesome.

Nice selection of colors. At least now he doesn't look like a hairy smurf!  ;D
Yeah, the blue color is very intense in the original one xD

I like it a lot for the most part, but the tufts of hair by his mouth make him look old.
There's something very odd about the head but I like where this is going.
I will see what I can do about that.

Thanks for the feedback!

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