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Title: Cant get past the " Checking for content " screen . IG this is unacceptable
Post by: deltarayquaza on March 31, 2016, 05:41:16 PM
My apologies but this is a big problem for xbox one + pc

These two videos basically summarise everything down below

After downloading the season 3 update , my game crashed at the " Checking for content " screen . So I reset the game . And it crashed again . I tried turning off my xbox , crashed again . Turning my internet off and on again , doing a hard reset on my console and yet it still crashes . So I have resorted to completely uninstalling all my KI downloads as a last resort .

Similarly Sullen Mosquito has this exact problem : I tried reinstalling the game 3 times, redoing the patch 3 times, I power cycled both console and modem, unplugged from wall and everything. No matter what I did, the moment it got to checking DLC, it would crash. The one time it did finally go, was because my cloud save data just no longer existed. I played from about 10pm-2am the day prior to the patch just fine. Had all my data, level 50 characters, and boom gone with new patch. I know on the console you can delete local save data, or delete save data everywhere which includes cloud, I only cleared local save one time. It still went to checking DLC and crashed after that, that was the first reinstall. After 2 full installations I tried the PC version which told me "You need to Update Your Save Data on your Xbox One." Then I installed it for a 3rd time, I even recorded that one. So you can see exactly what happens once it's fully installed. Just gets to checking DLC loads for a while then BZZZZZZZZZZT and close.

Recording here: (Language warning I was livid at this point!)

This game clip was recorded a day ago. Fulgore level 50 all that.

Here is the screenshot I took after it loaded the one time.

the patch corrupted your Cloud save meaning you're probably not going to get your data. My KI finally launched after 11 hours of doing everything I could find in trouble shooting, reinstalling, reupdating, clearing system data, clearing cache, power cycling modem, you name it. Only to find out that all of my data was gone, characters level 1, no rank, nothing. 40,000+ matches of data gone. 1,000s of hours. 16 characters level 50. All gone. If they don't do anything to help me get it back, or say they can't then I will go direct to microsoft and demand my money back because their Season 3 launch patch is directly responsible for this.

UA bass has also been encountering this problem as well : UA base Twitter

PR0FESSORBOOTY has also encountered this problem
Title: Re: Cant get past the " Checking for content " screen . IG this is unacceptable
Post by: Eclipso on March 31, 2016, 09:57:01 PM
I'm sorry to hear that, I hope they at least refund your money.
Title: Re: Cant get past the " Checking for content " screen . IG this is unacceptable
Post by: Kk-Man on April 14, 2016, 01:35:23 PM
Wow, it's a crazy issue you got there.
Did they answer you ?