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Full name: Riptor
Age: 4
Height: 7'0''
Weight: 700 lbs.

Riptor is a product of Ultratech's DNA Manipulation Project.
By splicing human and reptilian genes, they have created a
fighting creature with animal ferocity and human inteligence.

Special Moves:
Claw Uppercut: DF D DB + (QP)
Rampage: (Charge B), F + (P)
Flaming Venom: D DB B + (P) (Projectile)
Flaming Venom (In Air): D DB B + (FP) (projectile, midair)
Dragon Breath: DF D DB + (FP)
Jump Rake: (Charge B), F + (K) (Anti-Projectile)
Reverse Jump Rake: (Charge F), B + (QK)/(MK) (Anti-Projectile)
Jump Rake: B, DB, D DF F (QK) (Anti-Projectile)
Tail Flip: DF D DB + (K) (Anti-Projectile)
Tail Flip (In Air): DF D DB + (FK) (Midair)

Finishing Moves:
No Mercy - Eat Opponent: B, DB, D DF F (MP) (1 to 4 Player Distance)
No Mercy - Deadly Venom: B B B + (MK) (1 to 4 Player Distance)
No Mercy - Tail Stab: F F B + (FK) (1 Player Distance)
Humiliation: D D F F + (FP) (1 to 4 Player Distance)
Ultimate Eat Opponent: B, DB, D DF F (QP) (During Combo)
Ultra Combo: B F + (QK) (During Combo)


No Mercy #1

No Mercy #2

No Mercy #3

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