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Hello everyone :)

Before we set off, let me tell you this could be a bit longer than I even expected myself :D Here we gooooo ^^

Long time coming, day 1 KI veteran, first time on this board although I have been a visitor for years. Got me surprised by the way there is a "new forum" as I recall the site still being the same while I never looked at the boards in all those years.

Besides the "Hi, this is me" stuff the reason why I post here is because I came to find out there Killer Instinct Comics - or some sort of - exist in the wild and I'm speaking about those things:

As you can see I'm not one of those who reside in the US where most of initial releases of video game related stuff takes place or similar so even after all those years - especially after all those years now that internet is more than "fasionable" - I get to find out new stuff. So it is with the comics as well. And while I browsed the web recently in order to determine how easily those can be purchased I sadly found out those go for a good price but only for singles making it unattractive big time with shipping costs or full sets of all 6 issues that go for 100+ bucks.

Yeah, right, a real KI fan like I am puts out that money. I did not mention that right next to KI on the fighting game level there is something else making me feel the same, just on a different level where KI doesn't compete with - called "TMNT". Guessing how much money goes into TMNT stuff isn't too difficult then. Besides that I'd be surely willing to spend good money on the issues if I only knew if they are worth it.

From what I have read on the web those issues tell the KI story and if that's true for the most part I NEED to take at least a good peek on those first before purchasing. And yeah, as someone who got to beat Eyedol in the first KI only with either Sabrewulf or in super-rare cases Fulgore (both my fav characters to play with) .. oh yeah and with Eyedol too thanks to the L, R, X, B, Y, A code on the SNES (I still remember it like it was yesterday ;) ) .. and not being that fluent with english back then in the days I would really appreciate getting to know the entire story ... especially after all those years :´)

Unfortunately - while browsing the web - I was not able to find a single page showing at least one or two pages of what's inside those issues. Honestly I was hoping there was someone like me with ("Andere Figuren & Zubehör") showing off magazine contents from the very past that are considered abandoned or lost.

Please do not get me wrong - of course I'd go for free stuff but if the value for me personally is given I wouldn't turn down a very personal offer from someone who likes to do good business while I'd still like a peek.

Where else if not here I can hope for support? You tell me, I'm right here and foremost saying thanks CXK for doing what you do here - wife included! For a private project you guys already provided me with more than what most platforms praising past times were doing for me. Highly (!) appreciated!

So long my fellows killers,
be safe, be ultra,
Chris :)

Eyedol: Its possible your account was accidentally lost. I just noticed it shows you as a guest and I recently had an issue with the forum software during an update. Please sign up again or email me at and I'll see if I can help.

Sorry about that!

Ah yiss! Thank you for the hint as it got me surprised for a sec there. Re-Registered now :)

here you go:

Link deleted because i need the cloud space
PM if you want the files

Oh wow :o Thank you much for this! I'll look into it in detail after work :)

Update: Thank you, that helps a lot for my hunt!


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