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Anyone see these?:

Theres got to be a proto ROM out there for the ki1

I've seen some of those for sure but always love them. I also would love to find a ROM for those early builds. The announcer was so tame back then lol. The character select screen was actually kind of cool, running the FMV instead of the 3D character spinning. I wish the game was as popular as Mortal Kombat so people would make a documentary about the making haha. I've often thought about doing one myself but finding the time, equipment, money and know-how wouldnt be easy.

You could find some interesting KI videos in RARE PLAY in XB1, maybe someone can upload them  :D?

Woah! That soundtrack from the 3rd vid (KI2 promo) is sooo awesome. Official KI soundtrack? Because from KI Gold and KI Cuts I don't recognize that one..


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