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Author Topic: What you DON'T like about the new KI  (Read 17929 times)


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Re: What you DON'T like about the new KI
« Reply #45 on: September 07, 2013, 11:43:09 PM »

Most of what I don't like are nitpicks. That said...

1. Get rid of the "FIGHT!" after the "READY".
2. Change the Street Fighter font to something more grim looking. Same goes for the combo counter.

3. NEEDS sound effects for characters as they are taking damage. As it is right now, it sounds like you're beating a lifeless ragdoll scarecrow.

4. I realize No Mercies aren't in the game yet, but I'd prefer them only available in Ultimate Combos if they do make a comeback.

5. I know this KI is supposed to be a far more serious take on the series, but I'd love to see Humiliations return. That said, I'd only want them available in Ultimate Combo form as an ender move.

I look forward to participating more in this thread.

Man I definitely agree! That "Ready Fight!" if this a more serious take on the game then they should really lose the "Fight". There was something unique about KI's simple "Ready"....smh that "Fight" cheapens it! I reiterate this once again, it was the small details that made KI standout. And all the small things together created the whole experience..attention to this is important if they are to capture the essence of KI. There was much to build on in KI that would not require Ann straight identity change!

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Re: What you DON'T like about the new KI
« Reply #46 on: September 08, 2013, 01:40:07 PM »

Mmm :-\.. sighs, I'm not crazy about the art style! Not that it don't look awesome, its very well done I must say. But it reminds me too much of SF speaking specially of the Characters themselves they seem to look bright and cartoon like in comparison to the smooth background. The sounds I'm not sure has that Killer Feeling either... this might be a great game but it just don't seem like KI...mm mm just me...I'll play the new one @ my brother's house..yrs after my gaming days closed..KI still remained one I'd play and want to own...just give me official remastered (NOT Changed) Arcade versions of KI1&2 to own and I'm good.

It's not just you.
I dislike the comic style
I dislike the character design
I dislike how the combos look
As you said it's not KI for me.

i have to agree there with you. but it's only a demo of the game. so i guess we have to wait for what lies ahead of KI3.

Wow I missed the thread. Interesting topic and I completely agree with how KI 1 and 2 people feel about the art style.

And I agree with what Eclipso said about the available technology for that time period.

In all, I wish with the present day technology that we could get the updated rendering for the new KI. Imagine if Rare had made the original KI the same graphic as SF II and its other game followers, it would not have been as popular nor stood out. With that same logic, it was why Mortal Kombat went for the realistic art style. Any MK fatalities without artistic realism would have been cartoonish.

And this should bring up a concern for the new KI art style, the fatality to come will now look cartoonish due to the lack of the realistic art style rendering. Thus it seems to fail before it has even left the ground in the fatality aspect and makes me not look forward to it as much. The today's tech plus the updated KI fatality rendering would look so much better in every aspect and logic.
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