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Author Topic: Killer Instinct School  (Read 2722 times)


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Killer Instinct School
« on: September 15, 2015, 02:44:01 PM »

Hello dear fans of fighting games with you Mr.Rash!

From this moment I begin to teach you the game codenamed ... "Killer Instinct".
About the devoted game Killer Instinct on the Super Nintendo platform, says the first word in the title). Yes, we will learn to play this wonderful game.
If earlier, back in the year 1995, we could not afford the luxury of SNES with its doroguŝimi licensed cartridges, now only lazy not spending resources their powerful PC for emulators retro consoles. Moreover, we can fight against players from all over Russia without leaving your home, thanks to the ability to play over the Internet.
And what fun to play together over the Internet? Of course in fighting games-you say. And why we don't play over the network in Killer Instinct? Because uninteresting can answer many. But KI is a fighting game! The paradox? Perhaps. To answer this question, let's enumerate facts:
1 SNES Emulator) that supports the game via the Internet exists:)
2) Rum with the game Killer Instinct SNES weighs only 4 MB!
3) Players-there are.
4) games in Killer Instinct online-no!
What is the problem with such blatant this unpopularity, pardon the pun, a popular game?
Long breaking your head over this issue, come to only one conclusion. In Killer Instinct cannot play!
All existing detailed descriptions of this game, usually in English. Those rare stories that met in Russian, merely listing techniques the characters, yes the translation already short biographies of soldiers, without revealing the main that contains the game-unique systems and build system combo.
Many who have tried to play the KI, surely noticed that pressing buttons randomly blows, they were like some combo. But on the question of a surprised rival: "How did you do that?" was no less daunting answer: "Yes, I don't know, just stepping very quickly everything and ... turned out! ".
And this problem existed on the present. Why does exist? Yes because it no longer exists.
Today will be fully disclosed, arranged on the shelves and streamlined the whole "picture of the world» Killer Instinct.
We shall analyze in detail the main components of this game, give the name that did not have titles in English, let's detail all the techniques, combo and tactics for each character individually.
I will try to do everything I can to the published material was the most clear and interesting, and reading it could really learn how to play this masterpiece of its genre-Killer Instinct!

General information about the game

The game was released on arcade machines in the year 1994 and August 1, 1995 year appeared port of this game on the console otNintendo-Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES-a).
Distinctive features of the game that set her on a background of other 2D fighting games, it is:
-gorgeous and unique music;
-unusual visuals for the fighting game (game completed the Rare team on silicone stations, as well as some other games that developer-Donkey Kong Country and its continuation for SNES);
-combination nesočitaemogo-i.e. control as a Street Fighter and finishing moves in Mortal Kombat as;
-a very interesting combo system, and mnogoudarnyh combo;
Mr. bright and originality of characters and arenas for combat.
The game has gained a niche popularity in the distant year of 1995, but to this day she is of interest to many. Although many people don't very love this game, considering the benchmark the fighting game Mortal Kombat.
In my opinion, compare these 2 fighting cannot, because they have nothing in common except the genre. Games are different and the approach should be different. The excitement that has always characterized the good competitive games, fully present and KI. It is checked already experience, because in reality we quite often play this game and can be played would be even more common if all my friends in real life would be able to play it.
Here, it seems to me, lies the main problem of the unpopularity of KI in Russia. Not because the game is bad, but because very few people know how to play this game. Some may feel uncomfortable managing the game, or the complexity of implementation of receptions, someone seems difficult to perform combos (because they really harder than MC, but not so much that it was impossible to learn them do:)).
It is precisely for the purpose of popularization of KI, as well as to enable all wishing to learn to play it, created ètaŠkola Killer Instinct. All materials will be placed here, written for the SNES. Although this can be applied in the arcade version of the game, but this is the arcade version has some differences from the 16-bit version, and these differences we talk like anything. Now, perhaps, move on to direct features games, to the common concepts, terminology, etc.

On the management of

Control character in the game by using the arrows directions and 6 buttons for punches.
Strikes are divided into 2 types: punches (some characters-paws) and kicking (:)) hind legs
In international practice (if you turn to American sources, where the game is very popular) have already formed a special (and simple) schematic symbol strikes. Each shock corresponds to the digit from 1 to 6. Punches is 1, 2, 3, and kicking, respectively, 4, 5, 6. But still, to shed more light on this seemingly simple circuit, will write more.
Each character has 3 types of punches and 3 kinds of kicks. This is:

1-Quick punch (quick)
2-Medium punch (medium)
3-Fierce punch (strong)

4-Quick kick (fast)
5-Medium kick (medium)
6-Fierce kick (strong)

Control buttons in the arcade version of the game are located exactly as shown above.
However, the joystick for SNES has 4 buttons on the front panel and 2 šifta at the top of the joystick. If you play on the stick with such arrangement of buttons, like on the SNES, then hit 1 (i.e. Quick punch) should be passed to the left SHIFT and blow 4 (Quick kick)-right shift, because this scheme for such joysticks is the most convenient. If you play on the keyboard or on the navigation key on the front panel which has 6 buttons, then it is better to expose the Office as on the arcade version-i.e., as indicated above.
By default, control of the game is:


So for the SNES emulator control settings, refer to these names of buttons on a joystick from the SNES.

Now about managing arrows direction.
There is one feature that is essential for those who are accustomed to play Mortal Kombat. In Killer Instinct are very important not only to the basic directions of arrows-up, down, forward, backward, but also intermediate. It is a middle position between «down» and «forward», «down» and «back»-differently, you can call their diagonal directions. I will give examples of different techniques.

Example # 1:

Jago lets the magic way-down, down/forward, forward + any punch.
How to do it? You need to gently hold on control arrows, starting with the buttons "down", then the diagonal down/forward, then forward simultaneously with any punch hands (hand hitting selected will depend on the speed and power of magic).

Example # 2:

Cinder makes the jump two feet up-forward, down, down/forward + any kick.
In this example, you must consistently forward, then down, and then the diagonal down/forward simultaneously with the blow of feet.

I want to note that diagonal directions are important to control the joystick. To control them on the keyboard first, no, and secondly, all techniques are executed when you click direct referrals. I.e. jump from Cinder'a on the keyboard to do so: forward, down, forward + kick.
For convenience of notation I in describing characters will use the following schema:
a) if requires a diagonal, hit continue he would be hyphenated: "forward-down-back", which means "forward, down, forward, down, down/back, back". T.e. 2 hyphens indicate that you need to click again and the diagonal (as would a semicircle from the forward direction, through a "down", "back");
b) if receiving does not require clicking continue, the diagonal it is separated by a comma: "forward, forward, and that means that you need to press 2 times forward.On the block

In KI two types of block are the top and bottom.
A separate button to block No.
Block put retaining back-arrow upper block, or retaining the back diagonals down-lower unit. And, if you hold the "back" button, the character will move backwards, he will block automatically only when opponent clicks of any impact.
KI also any block can be attacked. Upper block struck podsečkoj or a blow from a seated position, lower block, you can punch jump kick or kick back +3 (Fierce punch) punch "-this is the same for all the characters. In my opinion this game is a plus, since the enemy will not be able to constantly sit in the block, waiting for the moment to strike, and will either go on the attack, or the correct alternate upper and lower blocks, fending off the top and bottom of the attack.

On roll

In the game Killer Instinct throws no.

About combo

What is combo, I think everyone knows. This circuit blows, where omitting the first blow, it is not possible to block all subsequent. However, unlike Mortal Kombat, if the opponent is in a block, then your character will not do the combo box, but will simply beat the enemy conventional block blows or special meals.
Also KI combo you can still interrupt by doing intake "combo-Destroyer", but more on that later.
Combo KI have strict gradation, depending on the number of blows. I'll give them English names, with an indication of the number of strokes.

SUPER COMBO-4 stroke
HYPER COMBO-5 strokes
MASTER COMBO-7 strokes
MONSTER COMBO-10 strokes
KING COMBO-11 strokes
KILLER COMBO-12 or more strokes.

Combo has various components: the discoverers, auto-doubles, bundles are. What is it, now let's take a closer look.

Discoverer (Opener)-it can be any reception of the character, or blow, blow more often leap 6 (many characters). The function of this technique or impact lies in the title-he opens a combo, i.e. exactly with this technique or you can hit start to perform combos.

Auto-double (Auto-double)-this button is hit with a hand or a foot, which adds 2 or 3 automatic to hit combo (hence the name). Auto-doubles also have its schema applications:
-If you use a reception opening combo, hitting 1 or 4, then as the car takes can be hit 3 or 6;
-If the founder used punches 2 or 5, then auto-shot-hitting 1 or 4;
and therefore, if you open a combo with the admission of using 3 or 6 blows, for automatic bumps will need to press 2 or 5.
This general rule car takes, so it looks like the ideal, as well as in the game Killer Instinct 2 (Killer Instinct Gold).
In the game Killer Instinct is strictly no conformity. In the instruction manual for the SNES cartridge the following scheme of auto-duplicates:
-3 after hitting a jump shot goes auto-double 5;
-6 after hitting a jump shot auto-doubles will blow 2;
-1 after hitting a jump shot should be auto-double 4, and vice versa (i.e. strikes 1 and 4 are interchangeable and are auto-takes for each other).
But this scheme applies when opening combo with hit a jump shot at the enemy. At the beginning of any combo special admission from both listed schemes there are exceptions. Each character can be auto-duplication, conflicting schema and supporting schema. You see this when we disassemble each character individually.
Why I write all this, if the game long term scheme to a State of constant sound system?
Firstly, then, that this scheme really the game long term in KI and its complete embodiment, she received only KI2 (KIGold), so this needs to be done. And unlike KI, where auto-double can cause 2 or 3 hit, KI2 (KIGold) auto-double always deals exactly 2 stroke.
Secondly, still many combos in the game are with auto-schema takes, and they just confirm the rule.
Well, and thirdly, in order to prepare the future players for Killer Instinct 2 (Killer Instinct Gold), to study which we go after KI.
The essence of the car take that clicking the corresponding character will strike in a combo strike 2 (or 3), rather than 1 and you will have time to perform zakryvatelâ (to complete the combos) or ligaments (to lengthen the combo for another car rolled and then zakryvatelâ).

Copula (Linker) is also a special character's reception, which can be used to increase the structure of combo. Bunch is always executed after auto-take and allows you to apply even after the 1 auto-double, after which the complete combo. As a rule, you can use a bunch of 1 times in the combo, but some fighters have exceptions that we consider when examining specific characters. An (Few) is again welcome, which can close the combo. If you are using an, only in this case will have a finished form combos, and the enemy will go to flight after the last punch combo. Each character multiple zakryvatelej, each of which in its own way is decorated with combos, giving the game an even greater diversity.
Are performed, not by the application of a chaotic combo moves and punches, buttons and, under a special scheme, which has a very primitive version: discoverer, auto-double.
The simplest combo, having finished form, looks like this: discoverer, auto-double, an.
Below I will illustrate by examples perform combos different characters.

Example # 1:


Discoverer of the "forward-down-back + 6 (strike 1), auto-double 5 (3), an" advance down-forward + 3 (4 stroke)-total 8 strokes.
This same entry without explanation: "forward-down-back + 6", 5 "forward-down-forward + 3".

Example # 2:


Discoverer of the "forward, forward + 3 (strike 1), auto-double 2 (3), an" forward, forward + 3 (4 stroke)-total 8 strokes.
This same entry without explanation: "forward, forward + 3", 2, "forward, forward + 3". Now about the demolishers combo (Combo-breaker) is one of the character's special moves (each character its admission for these purposes) by a combination of which can interrupt combos of the enemy.
Specific application will be considered for each character individually. Let me just say that, ideally, make combo-destroyer is difficult because to do this, you need to know exactly what at the moment is pushing your opponent. Why?
Because combo destroyers also has its own system of application, similar to the system auto-duplicates:
-If the opponent strikes is currently using 1 strikes combo or 4, then after the combination of arrows in the reception, which serves as the combo-destroyer, you would use 3 or 6 blows;
-If the opponent strikes shakes 2 combo or 5, turn-in combo strikes 1 or 4;
-well, and consequently, if the combo attacks 3 or 6, for the destruction of the combo will need to press 2 or 5.
I.e. This step scheme based on the principle of "rock-paper-scissors". Biff can destroy medium-sized, medium-fast and quick-hit.
But with no game experience, you can only guess that it is shaking your opponent (the experienced player knows that shakes the opponent-he sees this for what is happening on the screen).
So for newcomers to the game provides a simplified version of the combo-destroyers. This scheme can be included in the options game, selecting Easy Combo-breakers "or the screen saver before the fight press down + Start".
Under the simplified scheme need not guess which hit harvests your opponent, and you can perform combos-destroyer by applying any one kicking (or any of the bumps your hand if the reception for destruction requires hand hit combo).
(Oh, all this may seem difficult at first, but in other words it is very hard to describe it, so if you really want to learn how to play the game, all the basics you need to know will be easier when we examine each character individually-then I'll lay out ready-made combination with comments on them would be a little easier:))

The final combinations

In KI, as in MK, is trailing combinations that you can use to finish off the defeated opponent. But if the MK all finishing moves are made after the opponent is completely defeated, the KI, there are some exceptions to this. Finishing moves such as the Ultra and the Ultimate run over your opponent, who still have energy). So, in order.

No Mercy is an analogue of Fatality in MC. The name speaks for itself-"no mercy!". Such finishing moves each character. They both performed after the opponent completely defeated in two rounds and is in a State of agony, so to speak (exception: Riptor whose 3 finishers).

Ultimate is the finishing is performed during zakryvatelâ combos, when your opponent is low energy and color energy became a dark deep-red. However, it is not an independent finishing moves, but just No Mercy during the combo (character makes one of his No Mercy).

Ultra is the most beautiful of the whole set of finishing moves. This ULTRA COMBO. Runs as well as Ultimate during combos instead of zakryvatelâ when the opponent has a dark-energy bardovaâ. ULTRA COMBO adds 18 blows to the combo that you managed to do to Ultra.

Humiliation-well, this is equivalent to the Babality MK. Literally translated as "humiliation". Your character makes dance defeated the enemy. Can only be performed when the opponent was unable to dislodge from your character first energy scale.

Well, there is something separate like a Stage Fatality in MK. I.e., the enemy can be reset down on some arenas for combat. To do this, you must either apply a special reception at the end of a fight or if prostrate opponent is close to the edge of the arena, you can simply hit him and he will be able to free fall. After you run the opponent yet machine Ultra and is ejected from the arena. The other nuances of battle
Unconsciousness (Dizzying)-after several strong shocks character can lose consciousness (and, respectively, and management) and begin to beat in convulsions, becoming fully open to attack.
If this happened to your character, you need to very quickly start blows and arrows buttons directions, then the character will start to move faster and have a chance to have time to recover before the attack (though the chance to catch very small). Strict sequence of keystrokes, so you just need to randomly press all buttons.
If this happens with your opponent, you need to hold the combo, taking advantage of the situation).

Last breath (Last Breath)-at the end of the battle, if you lose, your character begins to beat in convulsions as if unconscious. But it's still not a complete defeat. You need to very quickly start blows and arrows buttons directions, then the character will start to move faster and have a chance to have time to recover before your opponent off.
But in practice, if the opponent is experienced, he will make the point, but if he doesn't want to take the risk, then just finish off the usual blow. Because the risk in this situation really is. The fact of the matter is that if your character regained consciousness after these convulsions, he had adds energy exactly 1 any hit (even on the block). But along with such small amount of energy power your character increases several times, and it is 2-4 strokes to completely destroy the enemy.
So never despair, if lost, and attempt to "revive":).

Increase strength (Powering Up)-during the battle character can increase the power of your shots. When it happened, on the scale of energy at the end of the power strip you will see small flashes, this means that the strength of the character.
Now the question. How to increase the force of blows? To do this, you need to make a combo during battle destroyer. And all.
After you increase the strength of some of the tricks of the characters become more powerful. But also slightly changed the way they perform. I.e., instead of clicking the arrow directions + strike button to perform powerful versions you have to pinch the strike button, press and release the + arrow impact.
Powerful techniques for pull more energy, animation techniques, usually looks faster than usual.
There are 2 characters, which can increase strength without performing a combo-destroyer, and using a special reception. ÈtoSabrewulf and Spinal. But more about this in more detail in the description of the data characters.

Finishing moves in the air (Air Penguin surfing)-you have a combo, after which the enemy was sent flying. You have the opportunity to finish off the enemy falling in any technique to add to the combo 1 more hit.
But ... If your character is "charged with energy, i.e., is in a State of increased strength, then falling off the enemy after 3 automatically give extra combo strike instead of 1.
How to rout the enemy falling intake will be indicated separately for each character.

Restoring (Recovery Move)-reception, through which the character recovers very quickly after the fall. Very useful if your opponent is near or trying to jump on your character to start doing combos with air.
Plus this reducing admission that animation admission occurs faster than usual, and you manage not just a quick rise from lying position, but also harm the health of the enemy.
Each character their regenerative technique. Secrets and tips

Change the color of the character is on screen with scroll bar to select the character you can change the color of a fighter. Only 8 available colors for each character. Change the color of you clicks the arrows "up" or "down".

Random selection of the character is on screen with scroll bar to select a character press up + Start ".

The choice of the arena and music for battlefield-in two-player mode can be selected manually and music arena combat. For this purpose it is necessary to press the arrow up or down and press a certain button punch for character selection.
1-th this combination player chooses any arena for combat.
2-nd player selects music for battle of any arena.
Below are the combinations to select arenas:
Arena/key combination:
1) Glacius's stage up + 1
2) Dungeon stage up + 2
3) Ice Shrine stage up + 3
4) Spinal's rooftop stage up + 4
5) Orchid's rooftop stage up + 5
6) Cinder's rooftop stage up + 6
7) Chief Thunder's stage down + 1
8) Riptor's stage down + 2
9) Eyedol Lava Pit stage down + 3
10) Street stage down + 4
11) Sabrewulf's stage down + 5
12) Fulgore's stage down + 6
13) Sky rooftop stage down + 5 (both players)


Player 1 press down + 1, and player 2 press up + 5 ". The fight will take place in the arena of Chief Thunder's stage music of the Orchid's arena rooftop stage.

Arena 2 and 13 can be selected manually. In normal mode you cannot fight them.
With 13 you can knock the opponent down at any time to fight!
Three arena cannot be selected manually. This is the Jago's stage, T.J. Combo's stage and Eyedol's Castle stage.

In conclusion,

In the version of the game Killer Instinct SNES is gorgeous, simply irreplaceable training mode-Practice Game. In this mode, your opponent does not resist, you are not limited in time, the scale of energy is missing. I.e. here can be infinitely long hollow combos and special techniques and thus fill the hand to perform this in battle.
So for all those who wish to learn how to play Killer Instinct I highly recommend try everything what is written above, and work in a mode of Practice Game that was cited in the examples. And also just to get acquainted with the Office in the game a little bit to get used to do tricks.
In the next issue of the journal, we will continue with the in-depth consideration of each character individually. You look forward to Cinder, Jago, Orchid, Spinal and t. j. Combo ...
So it's up to new meetings on fighting arenas Killer Instinct  :)


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