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News Archive:


09/26/14: Killer Instinct Textual Stream (Soundtracks coming Oct 14th!)
09/23/14: The Killer Instinct Soundtrack is coming "soon, maybe not today" and will be digital only.


09/22/14: Save 10% on Season 2 Ultra Edition if you bought S1 Ultra Edition!


09/18/14: Maya's gameplay trailer and new character teaser released! New UI for Season 2 shown.
09/14/14: Pre-order Killer Instinct Combo Breaker Pack from Amazon.



08/28/14: Big changes coming to Killer Instinct Sept 23rd, read more.
08/21/14: Listen to these unused character select tracks from Robin Beanland!
08/12/14: Season 2 starts 10/15, Mick Gordon returns, KI2 Classic coming too!
08/11/14: Watch Xbox @ Gamescom Live tomorrow.

07/31/14: Killer Instinct's Combo Breaker pack is getting a retail release!

04/22/14: Sadira's classic costume leaked! (Video)
04/18/14:'s interview with Mick Gordon.
04/11/14: Watch all three endings from each character here!
04/09/14: The 2008 KI3 sheet music appears to be the ending theme for arcade mode!
04/09/14: How to find and defeat Shadow Jago in Arcade Mode (Video)
04/09/14: PlayXBLA's Killer Instinct Live Stream Replay for 4/9/14
04/08/14: Get the new Killer Instinct update NOW with this trick!
04/08/14: Fulgore, Online Lobbies and Story mode releases tomorrow!
04/05/14: Poll: Which character should be the first released in Season 2?
04/03/14: PlayXBLA's Killer Instinct Live Stream Replay for 4/3/14!
04/02/14: Looking for a new forum to talk about KI?  Join ours!
04/01/14: Like us on Facebook!

03/27/14: Killer Instinct Live Stream with Fulgore Friday at 2PM PST! Watch here.
03/27/14: Iron Galaxy Studios is the studio taking over development on KI!
03/27/14: Fulgore's trailer, the March update coming April 9th!
03/26/14: There won't be a Live Stream tomorrow, later this week instead.
03/24/14: Get an Xbox One Titanfall bundle for $50 off from Amazon!

03/22/14: Spinal's classic costume leaked!
03/19/14: Killer Instinct Live stream replay for 3/20.
03/19/14: The March update could be delayed according to Adam Isgreen.
03/17/14: Thunder's alternate costume was leaked in this video!
03/16/14: Watch Final Round's Killer Instinct tournament live at 1PM EST!
03/06/14: A new Killer Instinct patch released today! 
03/06/14: PlayXBLA's KI Live Stream recap for 3/6.
03/03/14: Mick Gordon teases new music for the credits. 
03/03/14: Mick Gordon teases new music for the credits.
03/02/14: Have a look at this cool bar top KI cabinet built by user Namsan (Pics/Video)

02/26/14: Xbox One preview program participants will not be able to join parties.
02/25/14: Twitch.TV support is coming to Xbox One March 11th!
02/21/14: PlayXBLA's Killer Instinct Live Stream Replay for 2/21.
02/21/14: A New Glitch From The Latest Xbox One Patch Brings a Black Screen.
02/20/14: Killer Instinct Patch Notes for 2/19, Jail system fixed!
02/13/14: Live Stream Replay for today (2/13)

02/07/14: The Jail System, Spinal and Ranked Matchmaking is getting a fix!
02/05/14: Amazon acquires Double Helix Games, What does this mean for KI?

01/30/14: Take a look at Spinal's alternate costumes in this IGN video.
01/30/14: Spinal's Developer Gameplay Video from
01/30/14: Watch Spinal's trailer and Fulgore's 15 second teaser at the end!
01/23/14: Penny Arcade are selling two Killer Instinct T-Shirts.
01/20/14: Listen to Orchid's Full Theme Song Here!
01/20/14: Mick Gordon Teases Fulgore's Music.

01/16/14: Spinal Screenshots!  Click here to view.
01/11/14: AcidGlow shows us how to get the 4th set of accessories (video)
01/03/14: Details on the Killer Instinct Title Update released today.
01/03/14: Maximillian finds Classic Jago in a glitch!

December 2013:

12/27/13: Get Prima's Killer Instinct E-Guide for $5!
12/23/13: Mick Gordon teases Spinal's music on Vine!

12/22/13: It's been a month, what are your thoughts on the new KI?

12/13/13: Here's this weeks Official KI Live Stream Replay.

12/12/13: Orchid's classic costume was seen in stream today!

12/10/13: Karing Instinct - Child's Play Charity event this weekend!
12/09/13: Watch this impressive Orchid 183 hit, 5 Ultra Combo video! 
12/08/13: Listen to the new announcer of KI's clean voice clips.
12/08/13: Join the conversation, show off your combos and more in our forum!
12/04/13: Next best thing to a soundtrack: In-game music recorded by a fan.
12/03/13: Maximilian challenges you to beat his 137 hit Triple Ultra Combo.
12/03/13: Take a look at Jago without his mask! Let us know what you think!
12/02/13: Interesting netcode issues arise in Killer Instinct (Video)
12/02/13: Classic KI music found as an Easter egg by AcidGlow (Video)


November 2013:
11/29/13: Killer Instinct Classic Says Goodbye To Nintendo.

11/28/13: The first patch for Killer Instinct is coming today.

11/25/13: Classic Costumes Leaked/Breakdown Video

11/22/13: Killer Instinct Theme With Fireworks! (Video)

11/21/13: Watch our KI Live Streams on KITV!
11/21/13: FULGORE REVEALED! (Video)

11/19/13: Giant Bomb Quick Look - Killer Instinct (Video)
11/18/13: Mick Gordon has released another music suite!  Listen here!
11/18/13: The reviews are in!  Our Killer Instinct review round-up.
11/14/13: Prima Games releases a 240+ hit Ultra Combo Video!  But is it real?
11/13/13: Check out our newest feature Killer Instinct TV!
11/09/13: Orchid Developer Breakdown (Part 1) by Maximillian.




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